Illustrations for my old website

I created the following collection of illustrations to use in the previous version of my personal website which was a single-page profile (CV). Each illustration demonstrate a section of my profile.

Theme Template

The theme I created is based on the cleanliness and simplicity of vectors on one hand, and on the other, the naturalness of traditional watercolor. To achieve this, I designed my own (custom) vector brush strokes in CorelDRAW, in light colors and transparencies, and used this brush throughout my illustrations.

The Custom Brush

These illustrations are close to my heart because they are a portrait of myself and I created them from scratch – even the brush with which I painted them.

On-screen Illustration
Before: sitting on a chair working in front of the screen…
Gardener Illustration
After: gardening and enjoying the sun and the good company…
Pots Illustration
My plant collection
CorelDRAW Illustration
CorelDRAW: my favorite tool
INFINITYdezign Illustration
My company, INFINITYdezign
Bicycle Illustration
My passion, sport, therapy and transportation.



Animated GIF

By Ahmad

Function-inclined, detail-oriented graphic designer based in Dubai, combines traditional and digital creative skills in both print and on-screen arts.