Graduation Project

Knights of Nature Drawing
Knights of Nature Drawing

My graphic design graduation project: a commercial campaign to promote Faber-Castell by highlighting their environmental and social commitment, delivered mainly in the form of posters, in addition to brochures, billboards and stationary.


Client: Faber-Castell.
Product: Pencils (colored, charcoal, lead, i.e. wooden pencils).
Aspect: Social and environmental impact (without mentioning technical details of products).
Target: Kids and artists.
Drawings proficiency level: Intermediate (to encourage kids and immature artists).
Drawing tools: Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencils.
Medium: Posters (6).


Let's fight for forests
Let’s Fight for Forests
A poster with an image showing a pencil supporting a small tree
Devoted to Nature
Painting Forests Poster
Painting Forests
A shy maned wolf sheltered in a house built from Faber-Castell pencils
Draw and Preserve
Knights of Nature Poster
Knights of Nature
Forest Creator Poster
Forest Creator

Theme Template

theme template illustration

The Earth Guideline

In each poster, the subject is drawn on a curved line— the Earth Guide. When all posters put together, these curved lines form a globe that expresses Faber-Castell’s global commitment: socially, environmentally, and economically.all posters of my graphic design graduation project combined to form a globe

Black and White Newspaper Ad

A matter of Respect Ad
A Matter of Respect Ad for Newspapers

By Ahmad

Function-inclined, detail-oriented graphic designer based in Dubai, combines traditional and digital creative skills in both print and on-screen arts.